CMS NetFabric BackSite

Clients who choose NetFabric for the development of their web project can easily manage its content with the NetFabric BackSite CMS application.

NetFabric BackSite is a user-friendly, powerful and flexible tool for managing corporate websites, portals, intranets and extranets which enables staff without specific IT skills to publish and update content such as news, images, catalogues, documentation, etc.

Standard dashboard home page

The system is oriented to the publication of the "dynamic" content of the site, which require a frequent or autonomous periodic update. It also allows the management of user accounts who access dedicated services in extranet environment (restricted authentication) and online orders in e-commerce versions.


A specific integration to NetFabric BackSite consists of the e-commerce modules (product sheets, order and customer management, shipping, tax documents, etc.).

  • Redazionali (Centro Clinico Medis)

    News articles / Create and manage news content for your company website.

  • Redazionali, aggiornamento di un articolo scientifico (Centro Clinico Medis)

    News articles / Simple and intuitive forms and WYSIWYG editor allow you to post articles on your site's blog in just a few clicks.

  • Redazionali, aggiornamento di un articolo (Ente Concerti Marialisa De Carolis)

    News articles / Make your posts more engaging with videos, images and downloadable files and associate them with other contents and specific sections of the website.

  • Documenti, aggiornamento di un files scaricabile (Sardategole)

    Document library / This built-in library allows you to manage the collection of public and restricted files downloadable across the website. Titles and abstracts keep your digital assets organised and help users access files easily.

  • Image library (Fondazione Accademia)

    Image library / This built-in library allows you to manage the collection of photos and illustrations used in the site's content. All images are automatically sampled according to the web design template to optimise loading times.

  • Cantieri (Sardategole)

    Geographical data / Create and manage any kind of geolocated data and automatically update the interactive maps of your site.

  • Catalogo opere editoriali (AES)

    Catalogue / Create and manage product and service catalogues.

  • Catalogo Corsi Alta Formazione (Fondazione Accademia)

    Catalogue / Create and manage product and service catalogues.

  • E-commerce (RR Orafi in Sassari)

    E-commerce / The E-commerce version also includes modules for managing the product catalogue, online orders, registered customers and shipping costs.

  • E-commerce, catalogo articoli (

    E-commerce / Product pages are customised for any kind of online store and include specific options for VAT rates, discounts, and availability.